White Polystyrene Sheets
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China White Polystyrene Sheets at factory price in stcok, is called "organic sheet", and its chemical name is Polystyrene (PS), it is a kind of non-crystalline thermoplastic resin with the features of colorless, odourless, tasteless and luster, light, water absorption, low price and good pigment ability & chemical stability, excellent electrical insulation and high insulation is preferred, have certain impact resistance and weather resistance, ageing resistance and good permeability to general chemical corrosion, price is cheaper than acrylic.

PS sheet is widely used in placard lighting advertising, exhibition engineering, advertisement decoration engineering, organic craftwork products, arts and crafts products, and also be widely used in transportation, civil construction industry, medical, hotels, sports venues, public facilities and other industries due to its unique organic chemical properties and low prices.

Product NameWhite Polystyrene Sheets
Raw MaterialCHIMEI/Lucite/Mitsubishi
Size1220*1830mm(4*6ft), 1220*2440mm(4*8ft), and etc.
ApplicationAdvertising, Exhibition engineering, Advertisement decoration engineering, Organic craftwork products, Arts and crafts, and etc.

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