What Is Polystyrene Sheet

Polystyrene Plate ―― also known as foam Board, EPS board is a volatile liquid foaming agent of the expandable polystyrene beads, after heating and pre-sent in the mold in the shape of the white body, which has a micro-pore structure characteristics, mainly used in building walls, roof insulation, composite board insulation, cold storage, air-conditioning, vehicles, ships, heat insulation, Floor heating, decorative carving and other uses are very extensive.


Core Material Thickness: 50mm ~250mm

Effective height: 1000mm, 1200mm

Scope of application: workshop, Office wall, steel structure room exterior wall

Maintenance, decoration building materials, Activity Room office building, etc.

Fire Protection Rating: B3 (flame retardant: melting)

Moisture Absorption Rate: 3.9 (%)