Two-day Tour In Heyuan, Guangdong

Our two-day tour In Heyuan, Guangdong. Many thanks for XINTAO® Group, it's really a nice experience.

Two-day-tour In Heyuan, Guangdong (1)

Two-day-tour In Heyuan, Guangdong (2)

XINTAO® Group was founded in 2002, which is good at manufacturing and providing thermoplastic sheet materials for wholesalers and distributors all over the world. 

Our Products Ranges: Cast Acrylic, Extruded Acrylic, Polystyrene Sheet (PS), Mirrored Acrylic Sheet, Light Guide Plate (LGP), Led Diffuser Sheet, Textured Acrylic Sheet, Fabric Acrylic, Acrylic Rod & Tubes. 

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