Today, One 20ft Container Shipped Out

Today, one 20ft container shipped out with acrylic sheets bought from Xintao® group. Many thanks for the trust of our friendly friends who make us more and more famous through out the world.

acrylic sheet manufacturer

Xintao® group is the leading manufacturer of acrylic sheets in china , which has 4 factories at present, with 35 production lines and annual supply ability 160,000 tons. (Learn more about us here!)

There are 2 versions of acrylic sheets for your options, casting and extrusion; also we supply multi-types of acrylic sheets, 100% virgin new raw material(MMA/PMMA) acrylic and 50% recycled of acrylic (mixing acrylic). 

Contact us for further information since its the time to place an order! And we will offer you our very best factory price.

—— by Xintao® Group, Apr. 13, 2019