The Advantages Of Polystyrene Sheet

1. Protect the main structure of the building and prolong the life of the building. As the insulation layer is placed on the outside of the structure, the stress caused by the structural deformation due to the temperature change is reduced, and the erosion of harmful substances and ultraviolet rays in the air is reduced.

2. Effectively eliminate the "hot bridge" used in the past, "Hot bridge" is difficult to avoid, the wall insulation effectively prevent the production of heat bridge, to avoid condensation.

3. To improve the temperature of the wall, in general, the insulation should be separated from the steam layer, and the use of external thermal insulation material through the temperature is far stronger than the main structure, the wall in general will not occur condensation, the structure of the entire wall temperature increased further enhance the wall insulation performance.

4. In favor of room temperature stability, the use of external insulation wall, because the wall heat storage structure of a larger layer in the wall inside, conducive to room temperature stability.

5. Increase the floor area of the house. Can avoid the second decoration to the insulation layer damage.