Spring Tour One-day Trip

Yesterday, we had a one-day trip. Every member in our head office went out for a spring tour, and then enjoyed a dinner party. 

acrylic sheet manufacturer from China

acrylic sheet manufacturer from China

Acrylic sheets increasingly become the replacement for traditioanl glass. Low prices, light weight, cast or extruded options, all make it a first choice for your business.

When is comes to acrylic sheet manufacturer from China, we Xintao® group has been in plexiglass industry for 17 years, and is good at providing cast & extruded acrylic for wholesalers and distributors as well as retailers all over the world.

As a top-rated China acrylic manufacturer, we'd like to share our knowledge and experiences in this website, and hope all the information can help you improve your supply chain management.

Contact us to discuss more about your specific requirement!

——by Xintao® Group, Apr. 13, 2019