Performance Of Polystyrene Sheet

Polystyrene is a thermoplastic resin, which is widely used because of its low price and easy processing. Polystyrene has aggregates (transparent granules) or toughened graft copolymers or blends with elastomers (shock-resistant polystyrene IPs) Form. The properties of polystyrene copolymers in physical and thermal properties were improved.

These types of polystyrene have a variety of grades, such as standard IPs and standard transparent grade, resistance to environmental stress cracking grade (ESCR), UV-resistant level. Flame retardant grade, wear-resistant grade, light-weight parts of the high flexibility grade, foaming grade, super primary and low residual volatile grades. Polystyrene resins are used in the manufacture of disposable tableware, automobile parts, packaging materials, toys, building materials, electrical appliances and household items in daily life.