Characteristics Of Acrylic Board

First, the general characteristics of acrylic

Light beauty and tenacity, easy to clean, easy to process, with beautiful color, surface hardness and high gloss

Good chemical corrosion resistance, high transparency, like crystal, surface wear resistance and aluminum close to physical performance stability

Suitable for engineering application, small proportion, about half of glass, and safety, weather resistance in the best plastic, known as "Plastic Queen"

Second, the combustion characteristics of acrylic

Acrylic plate is a B2-grade combustible material, to avoid contact with the open flame, but the acrylic plate can also be used at the same time fire polishing/burning speed and hardwood close, but when the combustion does not produce smoke;

Casting plate burning When the flame is stable, the extrusion plate will appear flame drops, flame retardant grade acrylic plate out of the flames will self-destruct, but burning will produce more smoke.

Third, the use of the note:

* For storage:

1) Please ensure that the plate is placed in a cool ventilated dry place.

2 High temperature storage environment, it is recommended to use PE plastic film packaging. Kraft Paper Packaging Board recommendations about half a year to use, to prevent the time, resulting in adhesive residue in the plate surface, bad tear off. The annual temperature is above 25 degrees of particular attention.

3 plate with PVC edge strip, special attention should be placed in the storage when the edge of the stack neatly, because long-term storage, the edge of the plate and the surface of the sheet produced chemical reaction, performance, leaving white on the plate, so the sidebar should not touch the upper or lower panels, to prevent the corrosion of the panel is beautiful, cutting can not be used

4 if no special processing requirements, Kingsign kindly recommend that you choose PE plastic film packaging and slicing plate, we will ensure that the use of thickened plastic film instead of Kraft paper, so that the board to play the same even better protection effect, this will not only ensure that you in the use of convenient tearing off, in the corner recycling will also be more convenient for you.