Acrylic Sheet Technical Specifications

With good transmittance, is a colorless transparent plexiglass plate, light transmittance of more than 92%; with excellent weatherability, strong adaptability to the natural environment, even if the long time in the sun irradiation, rain will not make its performance changes, anti-aging performance is good, the processing performance is good, both suitable for mechanical processing and easy thermoforming; Acrylic plate can be dyed, surface can be painted, screen printing or vacuum coating. Non-toxic, even if the long-term contact is harmless, the combustion of gas produced when not toxic gas. and has excellent weather resistance, acid, alkali. The plate has a wide variety of colors (including translucent color plate), another feature is the thick plate can still maintain high transparency.

Technical index:

Density: 1.19kg/dm3; light transmittance: 92%; impact strength ≥16kg/cm3; tensile strength ≥61kg/m3; heat-variant temperature ≥78℃; Specification: 1. ≥105℃. 44, 1 22x2.83m, 22x1 2.05x3.05m. Thickness: 2mm-50mm.

1, unparalleled outdoor weather resistance, panel coating high concentration of ultraviolet absorbent, metal base spray paint imported car, can protect long-term weather, do not fade, the use of life of up to 5-8 years.

2, transparent plate such as crystal clear transparent, is the glass product 200 times times, almost no break danger.

3, the surface gloss is high, smooth flat, the transmittance is up to 93%, the light transmittance is excellent, the lighting is soft, dazzling.

4, there are transparent, translucent, milky white and other colors and a variety of different surface effects, the use of new polyester materials, through the hot koji forming or flat edge, metal backing built-in light source, very visual impact.