2017 VietAd Exhibition


   The purposes of VietAd is to maintaining and promoting the only exhibition specialized in advertising equipment and technology in Vietnam, being a trade bridge between enterprises; between firms and advertising enterprises with ads needs to satisfying the information needs for equipments and technologies in the advertising field for all businesses, contributing to improve competiti veness and to promote the development of advertising industry in particular and the economy of Vietnam in general.

  Many people will be curious about the Vietnam market. Vietnam people usually call acrylic sheet as mica sheet. As the lacal biggest acrylic sheet factory's name called MICA. Many people will think, labour cost is lower than China's, so the acrylic sheet price will be better than China. But I need to tell you our machine is roboticized. We cut down much labour cost. We think our price also will be ok for you.

                                                  Successful VietAd exhibition