SMMA Sheet
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China SMMA Sheet at factory price in stock, is a transparent copolymerization primarily composed of methyl methacrylate (MMA) and styrene monomer (SM). Its advantages include excellent transparency, optical properties, low hygroscopicity, good weather resistance, ease of processing, low residual stress for molded products, etc. The proportion of MS Resin is lower compared to that of Acrylic, and the cost is also cheaper.

Product NameSMMA Sheet
Red, black, white, yellow, transparent, and etc.
Material MMA+PS
Material BrandLG
Density1.13 g/cm3
FeaturesTransparency, Good chemical resistance, Good processability.

Advertising, gift, toy, furniture, building, stationery, etc.

AdvantageThe raw material is cheap, and give you more profit.
The impact is better than PS sheet, and it like the extruded acrylic sheet.
The material purity is more than 92%.
It can accept laser cutting, CNC machining, polishing, printing, etc. 
It can replace some of extruded acrylic sheet.

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