PS Diffuser Plate
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China PS diffuser plate at factory price in stock, in the current application is already very common, like light box, lighting roof, LED panel light and so on. Diffuser plate is so popular, not only its excellent performance, but also installation and transportation is also very convenient. So today by our diffusion board manufacturer experts introduce the proliferation of the installation method and matters need attention:

1. The first is the installation site of the diffuser sheet. When installing the PS diffuser plate, you should raise the protective film 10 cm or so, which can facilitate the neutral sealant and PS diffuser plate bonding to achieve well waterproofing effect.

2. In order to avoid thermal expansion and contraction, when we install the PS diffuser plate, the two plates (span within 2 meters) between the joints should be reserved at least 10 mm telescopic site space. If the span of large, the telescopic space determines by the thermal expansion coefficient of the PS material.

3. The appearance of the protective film of PS diffuser plate should be torn off after installed in a week.

4. If you need to install the diffuser plate in the direct drilling, usually the aperture should be bigger than 50% of the diameter of the bolt and the head should be bigger than the bolt. Then need to add waterproof pad.

5. We must pay attention to the installation and the bolts can’t be too tight, If not it will cause PS board burst and waterproof doubt.