Led Light Diffuser
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China led light diffuser at factory price in stock, is through the chemical or physical means, the use of sound, light in the way of encountering two different refractive index medium, the occurrence of refraction, reflection and scattering of physical imagination, through the PMMA, PS, Based on the addition of inorganic or organic light diffusing agent, or through the substrate surface of the micro-structure of the array of artificial arrangement of the sound, light, so that the sound and light in different directions of refraction, reflection, and scattering, thus changing the sound, light Travel routes, to achieve the incident sound, light full of scattered color to produce the effect of diffusion.


Diffuser sheet belongs to a new-generation light conductor. By utilizing the scattering of nanostructured particles in the sheet, the linear/point light source can be changed to surface light source. Diffuser plate features different size, easy production and low cost. The light source can be linear one, point one or cathode filament. The sheet can be employed in super-thin lamp box, liquid crystal TV set, luminous painted wall and medical equipment.

Product NameLed Light Diffuser
Thickness1.5-5mm (Other thickness can be customised)
Size1220*1830mm(4*6ft), 1220*2440mm(4*8ft), and etc.
ApplicationSuper-thin lamp box, liquid crystal TV set, luminous painted wall and medical equipment.

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