Sound Insulation Screen Acrylic Board

Sound Insulation Screen Acrylic Board
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The sound insulation screen (Also known as Sound Barrier Sheet) is made up of the basics, column, screen board. And our Xintao® group can offer sound insulation screen acrylic board. 

The basics is the main bearing of the sound barrier structure, it can be designed separately or in the road design together in the design of road accessory facilities (such as anti-collision walls and hard shoulder, etc.); column is the main component of the sound barrier, it Can be embedded bolts, planting bar and welding and other methods, the column on the bottom flange and the foundation of the connection in order to achieve the entire sound barrier force requirements, sound barrier plate is the sound barrier from the noise reduction of the most important components , It can be dedicated high-strength spring and bolts and angle and other methods to be fixed in the column slot, the formation of sound barrier. At the same time, the good and bad of the screen design and the good and bad form and material will directly affect the noise reduction effect, landscape effect, service life, corrosion resistance and safety and reliability of the whole sound barrier.

Product NameSound Insulation Screen Acrylic Board
SizeCan be customised
Thickness10mm, 12mm, 13mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm (Can be customised)
ApplicationHighways, High speed train road section, Public works, and etc.

Key Features

– Certified sound reflection technology

– Lightweight – half the weight of glass

– Strong – 11 times the impact strength of glass

– Transparent material, with coloured tints available

– Resistant to weathering from UV exposure

Why Choose Us

- Very best factory price;

- 100% virgin raw materials;

- Cut to size services;

- Customised services;



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+ What is recommended when drilling holes in acrylic sheets?

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