Fire Retardant Acrylic Panel
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Product Details

China Fire Retardant Acrylic Panel at Factory Price, Acrylic is flammable Polymer synthetic material. When we produce, we will add fire retardant to stop it burning quickly. Fire retardant acrylic panel is hard to burn than normal acrylic. But it also can burn. When it is burning, it will stop quickly. And the normal acrylic it doesn’t stop when it is burning.

So if you use our Xintao fire retardant acrylic panel to decorate your furniture, it will be more safety.


Packing Details

Kraft paper or PE flim masking on both side of every sheet you order from Xintao® Group, and wooden pallets for safe delivery. So there's no worry about scratches in transit. Read more about OUR SERVICES.

Why Choose Us

- Very best factory price;

- 100% virgin raw materials;

- Cut to size services;

- Customised services;


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