Coloured Acrylic Sheet
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China Coloured Acrylic Sheet at factory price, the Polymethyl methacrylate or PMMA is a highly transparent, rigid, tough and quite easy to model heat. Here we offer Fluorescent methacrylate iron completely transparent colors of different colors and a thickness of 3 mm.

Product NameColoured Acrylic Sheet
TransparencyAround 93%
ColorFluorine blue/Fuchsia fluoride/Fluorine yellow/and etc.
Size1220*2440mm(4*8ft), 1220*1830mm(4*6ft), and etc.
ApplicationConstruction and architecture: dividing screens, windows, decorative elements, swimming pools, signs , exhibitors, stands, protection, skylights.
Car industry: windshield, windows, protection of indicators.
Cosmetic industry: cases, boxes, exhibitors.
Scenography and sculpture: fictitious for cinema, television, theater, protection works of art, luminous posters.
Design: lighting as lamps, diffusers, screens. Furniture. Toys. Aquariums, swimming pools, signs.
Crafts: modeling, construction  of architecture and design models  
Medicine and optics: cameras, glasses.

Key Features

- 10 times impact strength of glass;

- Easily fabricated, thermoformed, polished or machined;

- Excellent optical quality and light transmission;

- Excellent Chemical Resistance;

- Excellent weather resistance;

Why Choose Us

- Very best factory price;

- 100% virgin raw materials;

- Cut to size services;

- Customised services;

Coloured Acrylic Sheet


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