Colored Plexiglass Sheet
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XINTAO Colored Plexiglass Sheet at factory price, is an economical, high quality acrylic sheet with an excellent thickness tolerance.  Extruded acrylic is of a slightly lower quality than cast acrylic but its production process is more economical making it a lower cost material to purchase.

Difference Between Extruded Acrylic & Cast Acrylic

Extruded acrylic sheet and cast acrylic sheet are visually very similar but are two different materials each with advantages and disadvantages and each produced by very different manufacturing processes. Extruded clear acrylic sheet is produced by an extrusion process, acrylic resin pellets are heated to a molten mass which is continuously pushed through a die, the position of which determines the thickness of the sheet produced. Once through the die, the molten mass looses temperature and can be trimmed and cut to the required sheet sizes. The continuos nature of the extruded acrylic production process produces larger batches than that of cast acrylic production making it a more economical material.

Product NameColored Plexiglass Sheet
1220*2440mm, 1220*1830mm, and etc.
ColorRed/Orange/Yellow/Green/Blue/Black/White/and etc.
ApplicationPoint of sale/Retail display/Models/Display cases/Glazing/and etc.
MOQ(minimum order quantity)1,000 kilograms
Sample (A4 paper size) Free


1) Please note that these sizes above are acrylic sheet standard sizes, contact us if you need other thickness, color, size;

2) Please also note that the color of images may slightly vary from the actual item, you can confirm it by getting our sample-free service;

Key Features

- Economical compared with cast acrylic;

- High gloss;

- Light weight;

- Flexibility;

- Fully recyclable;

- Easy to fabricate and machine;

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XINTAO® color cast acrylic sheets, available in a wide range of colors, thicknesses and zies for your options. Click HERE to know more about it!

XINTAO Acrylic Ad Board Plexiglass Sheet 3 mm (3)

XINTAO Acrylic Ad Board Plexiglass Sheet 3 mm (1)

XINTAO Acrylic Ad Board Plexiglass Sheet 3 mm (5)

XINTAO Acrylic Ad Board Plexiglass Sheet 3 mm (1)



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Colored Plexiglass Sheet

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All the sheets you buy from Xintao® Group will come with PE film or paper masking, details as below:


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We Xintao® group offer our customers a wide range of A grade acrylic sheets at the very best factory price. 

We are the acrylic sheet manufacturer with 4 factories, three are in production now and the fourth one will be in production this year.