Acrylic Sheet For Windows

Acrylic Sheet For Windows
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For many years, traditional glass was the only material used in windows, but as polycarbonate sheets and acrylic sheets have gained traction, they are now both popular alternatives for glazing applications. There are quite a few reasons like cost savings, safety and strength, creativity and ease of use, light transmission.

China Xintao® offer our customers different thickness of Acrylic Sheet For Windows at the best price and excllent quality. 

Product Name Acrylic Sheet For Windows
SizeCan be customised
ApplicationsWindows, crafts, retail displays, medical, and etc. Want to learn more, you can read them here.

Key Features

- Weather resistance;

- Excellentrate of light penetration;

- Light weight;

- High resisitance against cracking;

- Excellent Chemical Resistance;


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Packing Details

Kraft paper or PE flim masking on both side of every sheet you order from Xintao® Group, and wooden pallets for safe delivery. So there's no worry about scratches in transit. Read more about OUR SERVICES.


+What is the softening temperature of acrylic sheet?

+Can acrylic be painted?

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Get in touch to make an inquiry, and we just need to know your required Length, Width, Thickness, Material and Quantity. You can click the 'SEND INQUIRY' button above to begin or fill in our request form below and we'll reply you in 24 hours.

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