Acrylic Sheet 1 Inch Thick

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Xintao® Acrylic Sheet 1 Inch Thick, in excess of 92% of visible light, exceeding that of glass and with virtually no discoloration. Ideal for use with laser cutting, CNC cutting, and with best quality there's no burrs along the cut edge. 

Product NameAcrylic Sheet 1 Inch Thick
Thickness1 inch (Can be customised)
Size4*6ft, 4*8ft, 8*10ft, and etc.
ApplicationFurniture, Construction, Transportation, Cosmetics industry, Retails, Design, Crafts, and etc.
MOQ(minimum order quantity)1 ton, can be mixed with colors/sizes/thicknesses

Key Features

- Cheaper than traditional glass;

- 10 times the impact resistance of glass; 

- Half the weight of glass;

- UV resistant;

- Easy to clean and maintain;

- Excellent Chemical Resistance;

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+ What is acrylic made of?

+ What are the differences between extruded acrylic and cast acrylic sheets? Know more here!


The thickness of the sheets is not exact and varies within the tolerance of industry standards.  If a precise thickness is needed please state the thickness desired when placing your order

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