1/2'' Acrylic Sheet
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Xintao® acrylic sheet is a multifunctional plastic material with high impact strength, light weight and excellent optical quality. Our acrylic is 10 times times stronger than the glass and the weight is reduced by half. It also has special weatherability and can withstand sunlight and cold weather.

Product Name1/2'' Clear Acrylic Sheet
Thickness1/5'' (5.08mm)
Size4*8ft (1220*2440mm), 4*6ft (1220*1830mm)
ApplicationModel Making, Secondary Glazing, Greenhouse Glazing, Shed Glazing, Signage, Display Cases, and much more.
MOQ(minimum order quantity)1 ton
Sample (A4 paper size) Free

Key Features

- Excellent weather resistance;

- 10 times impact strength of glass;

- Excellent Chemical Resistance;

- Excellent optical quality and light transmission;

- Easily fabricated, thermoformed, polished or machined;

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+ Are you a factory or trading company?

(A: We often get the question from our new customers, but we can promise you that we are the biggest manufacturer in China, and we have 4 factories at present. Know more about our company here!)

+ Will the sheets come with PE film or paper masking?

(A: For sure they will. And we can also customise your logo on the masking if you need! Learn more about Our Services! )

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